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What is RyMed's Neutral Advantage Technology?

RyMed's Neutral Advantage Technology is the foundation of all InVision-Plus® products. It consists of a 10-Point Standard - ten system features designed to work in conjunction with one another to inhibit bacterial migration into the fluid pathway and blood reflux upon connection and disconnection which may improve patient outcomes.

Neutral Advantage Technology is about providing a fail-safe engineering design that supports successful outcomes.  The features within the 10-Point Standard have a sequential and cumulative effect, and are dependent upon one another in protecting the patient.

In addition to optimizing protection for the patient, the needlefree protection system must also aid and support the clinician by allowing for successful, consistent application of clinical practices and protocols, i.e. swabbing, flushing, and simplified staff education. The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technology addresses the needs of both the patient and the clinician.


The InVision-Plus® 10-Point Standard

  1. InVision-Plus smooth septum surface
    Smooth, Swabbable Septum Surface - The septum should have a smooth access surface with no intricacies, visible piercings, slits or openings that can harbor bacteria.  All products with Neutral Advantage Technology have a smooth, swabbable septum surface that can be effectively swabbed with a standard, acceptable disinfection procedure.
  2.  Septum Seal Integrity - To prevent bacterial ingress the I.V. connector's interface between the septum and plastic housing should be completely and tightly sealed.  The septum should be immovable with no visible gaps or openings, as these may complicate disinfection and contribute to microbial colonization. All products with Neutral Advantage Technology have septum seal integrity with no gaps or openings.
  3. Double Microbial Barrier - Microbial barrier protection is a function of the smooth, swabbable septum and the septum seal integrity features.  Less than optimal performance of either of these features greatly diminishes microbial barrier effectiveness.  All products incorporating Neutral Advantage Technology should have a double microbial barrier along with the smooth, swabbable septum and the septum seal integrity features to offer a cumulative level of protection unequaled by any other needlefree I.V. connector.
  4. Straight-Through Fluid Pathway - The fluid pathway design directly impacts successful clinical practice and patient outcomes.  In addition to minimizing biofilm adhesion potential, a straight-through, non-tortuous fluid pathway with no moving parts promotes complete medication delivery and facilitates flushing.  Any moving part or internal mechanism within the fluid pathway may complicate fluid flow and create potential for biofilm growth.   
  5. Zero Dead Space - Fluid pathway dead space can act as reservoirs to trap air, blood, or critical medications.  Dead spaces complicate flushing, may contribute to biofilm adhesion, development and colonization.  All Neutral Advantage Technology products contain zero dead space and no moving parts within the fluid pathway.
  6. Neutral Fluid Displacement - Unmitigated blood reflux coats and conditions the intraluminal catheter surfaces with blood fibrin increasing the potential for intraluminal thrombotic occlusions, which affect catheter patency, delay therapy and add costs.  The entire InVision-Plus® product line exhibits neutral fluid displacement upon connection and disconnection and require no special clamping instructions.


  7. Low Priming Volume - A low priming volume supports medication delivery, effective blood clearing and flushing, enhancing successful clinical practice and patient outcomes.  The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technology offers a priming volume of 0.027 mL.  The InVision-Plus® Junior® with Neutral Advantage Technology has a priming volume of 0.022 mL.
  8. 100% Effective Blood Clearing - Effective blood clearing minimizes biofilm adhesion, development, colonization and CR-BSI risk factors.  The straight-through fluid pathway, zero dead space, and low priming volume features directly affect blood clearing ability.  The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technology is 99.94% effectively flushed with a 1 mL saline-only flush.  The InVision-Plus® Junior® with Neutral Advantage Technology is 99.96% effectively flushed with a 1 mL saline-only flush.
  9. Saline-Only Flushing Option - A saline-only flushing option is necessary for institutions considering either reducing or eliminating heparin usage and minimizing HIT (heparin-induced thrombocytopenia) risk and related costs.  All Neutral Advantage Technology products offer a FDA-cleared saline-only flushing option.
  10. No Clamping Sequence or Positive Pressure Syringe Technique - All needlefree I.V. connectors must be used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.  Clamping sequence confusion can add educational burden and mistakes.