Our Leadership

Dana Wm. Ryan

Currently, Mr. Ryan is the CEO, and President of RyMed Technologies, LLC and the creator of the InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technologies. (www.rymedtech.com). RyMed is committed to improving patient safety and patient outcomes by providing innovative product solutions possessing bona fide fail-safe engineering design technologies. RyMed's revolutionary products empower healthcare providers to successfully apply proven infection control, catheter care and maintenance practices which support the national goal to deliver healthcare that is safe, cost-effective, and easily adopted.

He is recognized as one of the earliest pioneers in the design and development of safety-oriented medical products (Ryan Medical, in 1985). Mr. Ryan created and developed some of the industry’s first medical products designed to eliminate accidental needle stick injuries and the transmission of AIDS and hepatitis to healthcare professionals. He and his Company were recognized for their achievement by being awarded the 1990 Small Business of the Year in Nashville, TN.

Mr. Ryan has over 41 years of medical device experience and over 40 patents in infection control, safety-oriented medical products, minimally-invasive surgical devices, intravenous therapy and vascular access devices worldwide. His sales, marketing, product development and executive management experience and knowledge was developed at Arbrook and Surgikos, Divisions of Johnson & Johnson, Deseret Medical, Division of Warner Lambert, Founder of Ryan Medical, Symbiosis, and Founder of RyMed Technologies.

He attended Arkansas State University (1964-1968) majoring in mathematics.

James M. Kaiser

James M. Kaiser holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kaiser brings to RyMed over 46 years experience in high volume, disposable medical devices in the areas of manufacturing, regulatory affairs, quality control & assurance, supply chain management and sterilization with Cutter Labs, Deseret Medical, HealthTech, Ryan Medical, Isomedix (Steris) and RyMed Technologies, LLC.